Minutes of the Meeting - May 20, 2004
Please click on this link for the detailed minutes of the meeting, covering the points of discussion and the decisions reached.

Photo Gallery
Sandy Richardson presents flags to Bob Gillespie
Assembly in the Windsor Room
Head Table
Bob Gillespie and Archibald Bennett
Bob Gillespie, Sara Triantafillou, Alexis Fung Fook, Paul Jacot
Kim Wilkinson and Kirsten Walli
Rocco Logozzo, Doug Harrison and Ron Brophy
Sara Triantafillou and Alexis Fung Fook
Mary Unsworth and Matt Larmour
Mary Unsworth and Sara Triantafillou
Matt Larmour, Jameel Rahman and Robert McFarlane
Archibald Bennett and Matt Larmour
Gerardo Elizondo, Wing Ho and Jan Aleksander Szoltizek
Savita Prasad and Meenakshi Vikrant
Brenda Dudok Van Heel, and Craig Arrol
Lal Balkaran, Will Graham, Jeannine Brooks and Phillip Hamilton
Alexis Fung Fook and Mark Brajer
Paul Jacot, Mary Unsworth and Alexis Fung Fook
Alumni Group in the King Edward Hotel Lobby